Official Records Commonly Asked Questions
How do I find out the name of the owner of a piece of property? All of our records are by property owner name. If you do not have the name of the property owner, but do have the location or the legal description of the piece of property, please contact theHendry County Florida Property Appraiser's Office.
 I cannot find my deed to my house! What do I do? The Clerk's Official Records Division can provide you with a certified copy of your deed which will be as good as the original. The charge is currently $1.00 per page plus $2.00 for certification. Please check the current fee schedule.
How do I change a name on a deed? You will need to have a new deed prepared. This can be done by an attorney or you can do it yourself. This office cannot prepare the deed for you. You can purchase a deed form from any of the area office supply stores. The deed will need to be signed by the grantor in the presence of a notary and two witnesses. Once you have completed the form properly, you should bring the deed into the Clerk's office for recording into the public records.
How much money will it cost me to record my deed? Please consult the current fee schedule for changes. The current recording fee is $10.00 for the first page and $8.50 for each additional page, plus Documentary Stamps are required at $0.70 per $100.00 based on the purchase price or the consideration. If there is a mortgage being assumed, additional stamps at the rate of $0.35 per $100.00 on the balance of the mortgage being assumed will also be required.
I got a divorce. How do I get my ex-spouse's name off of my deed? A new deed will need to be prepared from the ex-spouse whose name is being taken off of the deed, to the ex-spouse who is getting the property.
Can I fax my deed for recording? NO. The original deed with the original signatures is necessary for recording.
My spouse died. How do I get their name off of my deed? A certified copy of the death certificate must be recorded. If the person died in the State of Florida, a certified copy must be obtained from the State Health Department without the cause of death. If the person died in a state other than Florida, we can record a certified copy with the cause of death.
Can I mark out the cause of death on the death certificate? NO. We cannot record an altered copy. The certified copy must come from the Health Department without the cause of death. Please specify to the Health Department that you need this certified copy for RECORDING PURPOSES.
How can I determine how much someone paid for a piece of property? The documentary stamps paid on the deed will indicate the purchase price of the property. To calculate the purchase price, divide the total amount of documentary stamps paid byt the tax rate for that particular year per hundred dollars.