Bond refund scam

The association was alerted by the Orange County Clerk’s office that there appears to be a company running a possible bond refund scam. The company,, is apparently sending unsolicited mailers or advertisements to customers who have posted cash bonds in criminal cases. The advertisements tell the customer that the Clerk is holding their bond money, and the customer is entitled to a refund. Once the customer makes a payment of $69.00, the Bond Refund company provides the customer a form and instructs the customer to submit the form to the Clerk for their refund. The customer is being scammed out of their money, because the cash bond has either (1) been applied to outstanding balances, either in this case or other cases, or (2) has been, or is being, disbursed to the customer already. The Bond Refund website has a drop-down menu that lists several counties in which this “service” is available. These counties include Alachua, Duval, Orange, and Polk.