Hendry County Comptrollers Prepares Financial Reports To Keep Our Citizens Informed

Comptrollers play a vital role in promoting transparency in county government by providing accessible financial reporting.

The Hendry County Comptroller develops reports such as the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) to help constituents understand how their tax dollars are managed and spent. These reports are often accessible online.

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Hendry County Clerk of the Circuit Court Maintains Court Finances

Clerks of Court hold a fiduciary responsibility for the courts. They collect and disburse fines, court costs, forfeitures, fees and service charges.

They record payments, track financial obligations to the courts and work with customers on payment options that fit their needs and ensure court compliance.

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Hendry County Celebrates National Privacy Week

This week is #NationalDataPrivacyWeek! Clerks of Court are responsible for maintaining and managing access to many different types of public and court records.

With millions of records passing through the court system

daily, Clerks digitally manage robust systems that provide public access while safeguarding and protecting their integrity.

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Hendry County Provides Self Help Resources!

Did you know?

The Hendry County Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller provides online resources for those who represent themselves in court.

Visit our website and check out our self-help resources to learn more.


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