Impartial Jury

Within the local court system, Clerks of Court in Florida manage the jury process, helping to uphold the right to an impartial jury. This includes randomly selecting juror pools, summoning jurors, managing juror exemptions, and compensating jurors in accordance with the law.

Training & Certifications

DYK? Clerks have more than 1,000 statutory duties and complete 240 hours of training and certification programs after being elected, plus 36 hours annually, to master the complexities of their role to better serve their communities.

Child Support Payments

Each year, thousands of families depend on Clerks of Court to maintain accurate child support payment records. This process promotes accountability within Florida’s child support system, helping to ensure obligations are met and the basic needs of children are provided.

Don’t Drink and Drive

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 32 people in the U.S.die in drunk-driving crashes every day –that’s one person every 45 minutes. FCCCremindsyou to stay safe and not drink and drive during the long holiday weekend.

Hurricane Preparedness 2023

PSA: Hurricane season starts June 1 and continues through November 30. It’s important to be prepared. Visit for important information.

Mental Health

If you know a friend or family member suffering from mental health issues, it’s important to know what resources are available to protect you and your loved ones. Contact your Clerk of Court to learn about the Baker Act, the Marchman Act and Risk Protection Orders and find out how they provide help.



Your Clerk of Court will NEVER harass you by phone/email or threaten you with arrest for payments related to jury duty. If you receive a request like this, hang up, report it to local law enforcement, and contact your local Clerk of Court immediately. This is a scam! Contact information for your local Clerk can be found at

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