Value Adjustment Board

PLEASE BE ADVISED that pursuant to Chapter 194, Florida Statutes, the HENDRY COUNTY VALUE ADJUSTMENT BOARD (VAB) will convene its Organizational Meeting on Wednesday, September 2, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. in the Commission Chambers at the Hendry County Courthouse, 25 East Hickpochee Avenue, LaBelle, Florida, for the purpose of considering matters pursuant to the requirements of Florida Statutes, Chapter 194 and other items as may be appropriate or timely. Petitions, complaints, and appeals filed with the VAB will be referred to hearings conducted by Special Magistrates at the Hendry County Courthouse; or at other designated locations as needed.

Due to the public health emergency presented by COVID-19 and pursuant to the authority granted by Executive Order Number 20-69, as extended, issued by the Governor of the State of Florida, members of the public and the VAB Members may participate in the meeting by telephone by calling 877-853-5257 and entering in the meeting identification number 873 7930 9449. This meeting is open to the public, and interested citizens are invited to attend. The Board will not be considering Special Magistrate recommendations at this meeting.
Anyone who appeals a decision made by the VAB will need a record of the proceedings and for such purpose may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, including the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is based.
The VAB may discuss other related issues in addition to the above matters at the suggestion or request of the Chairman or members prior to or during the meeting.

Note: It is the property owner’s responsibility to be fully informed of all the Florida laws and regulations of their local county’s rules governing the Value Adjustment Board (VAB) process. As laws, rules and procedures may change from time to time, it is recommended that you thoroughly review all web sites, statutes and rules to verify their current status and for more complete information pertinent to this process.

The purpose of the value adjustment board (VAB) is to hear appeals regarding property value assessments, denied exemptions or classifications, ad valorem tax deferrals, portability decisions, and change of ownership or control. Taxpayers or their representatives file petitions with the VAB clerk in the county where the property is located. See the taxpayer guide on Petitions to the Value Adjustment Board for more information.

The Clerk of the County and Circuit Courts is the Clerk to the VAB. The VAB as a panel considers and renders a decision on all appeal petitions relating to property assessments, classifications and exemptions. The VAB has no jurisdiction or control over taxes or tax rates established by taxing authorities. The VAB’s one and only function is to hear evidence as to whether or not properties, petitioned for their consideration, are appraised at their fair market value and determine if an agricultural classification or exemption should be approved. The VAB cannot change an appraised value for any other reason, such as inability to pay.