The Hendry County Clerk of Circuit Court Is Committed to Payment Compliance


The ability to drive is crucial for many Floridians. To prevent driver license suspensions, Clerks provide the public with online and in-person access for paying court obligations, continually work to monitor cases, and promote awareness of the mediation and restoration programs among stakeholders and eligible participants.


In most cases, Florida’s Court Clerks and Comptrollers are able to work with customers to develop a payment plan that fits their needs. In most cases, Clerks are able to work with customers to keep them compliant with court orders.


Florida’s Court Clerks and Comptrollers even provide options for customers to reinstate their driver license after they default on a payment.

From criminal lien negotiations to holding annual driver license reinstatement events, Clerks are working to get customers back in the driver seat.

Many Clerks also participate in Operation Green Light, a statewide driver license reinstatement day event. Contact your local Clerk of Court to learn more about their event including dates, times, and locations.

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